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With Money comes Great responsibility!

Personal Finance is no Rocket Science. But we are not taught this basic life Skill

An uneducated financial individual armed with a credit card and easy access to loans, with no proper knowledge of investing, savings, financial record keeping can be just as dangerous to themselves and their community as a person who is given a car to drive without training 

We are on Mission to make 1 crore Indians to be aware of Money and Personal Finance.

Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track-Natasha Munson

  • Money touches everything
  • We have half cooked knowledge of finance
  • Lack of financial knowledge has painful consequences
  • Financial literacy leads to a Happier life
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What you will find at Bemoneyaware: EPF,UAN, Investing, Women,Debt,Big Boss & More

Bemoneyaware writes about money topics in simple terms such as filing income tax forms, about EPF, PPF, Credit debt, loans, Investing in Mutual Funds, Stocks etc. We have answered questions on Quora(5.4M content views), have written articles for magazines like Femina,...

How to file ITR Income Tax Return, Process, Income Tax Notices

The income earned between 1 Apr 2020 to 31 Mar 2021, called FY 2020-21, will be assessed for tax in the AY 2021-22. The last date for filing returns for individuals is 31 Dec 2021.  This article lists all the articles for understanding Income Tax Return or ITR,...

Women Take Control of Money and your Life

Principles of personal finance management are gender-neutral but a woman faces situations in life that men don’t such as relocation due to marriage, career disruption on childbirth, re-entry into the corporate rat race, or a complete career switch to achieve work-life...

Online Fraud : UPI Scam, AnyDesk, Matrimonial Site, Lottery, Fake Job Offer etc

The Internet has not just made our lives simpler but has also made it better and comfortable.  Today, we can communicate instantly with anyone living anywhere across the world. With just a few clicks most of our work is done instantly. However, the advancement of the...

Direct Investing in Mutual Funds: Difference, Expense Ratio, How to Invest,Apps

Regular and Direct Mutual Fund plans are options to buy the same mutual fund scheme, run by the same fund managers who invest in the same stocks and bonds. The major difference between direct plan and a regular plan is that in the case of a regular plan your mutual...

All About Fixed Deposit,FD

Fixed Deposit is one of the simplest and most used Investment product in India. This article covers  FD (Fixed Deposits) in Detail. All about Fixed Deposits For someone who does not want any kind of uncertainty with regard to his or her investments, Fixed Deposits is...

All About UAN or Universal Account Number of EPF

UAN is Universal Account Number. The UAN is a 12-digit  number allotted to the employee who is contributing to Employee Provident Fund or EPF.  UAN number is a big step towards shifting the EPF services to online platform and making it more user-friendly.  Please note...

Planning to settle down? Check the best way to plan the finances!

“How I wish I there was a genie who could furnish my home with a TV, washing machine, sofa etc., before my mother-in-law visits next month! So said my colleague Ravi, who recently got married. It reminded me how after our wedding, we had to set up our house from...

How To Enhance Financial Compliance For Your Business

The estimated cost of financial crime compliance across financial service-based businesses in India was $5.51 billion for the year 2020, according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Regulations, especially those that focus on business finance, are significant and designed...

Income Tax Annual Information Statement (AIS), TIS, How to use it to File ITR

Income Tax Department has rolled out the new Annual Information Statement or AIS which provides one's comprehensive view of information such as interest, dividend, stocks transactions, mutual fund transactions, foreign remittance information, etc. It has also provided...

Avail Home Loan At A Lower Interest Rate By Maintaining Your CIBIL Score

A CIBIL score is a 3 digit score which helps to determine your credit history and ranges from 300 to 900. A CIBIL score of 750 or higher is considered excellent by the majority of lenders. Your CIBIL score should be closer to 900 if you wish to have easier access to...

Best ULIP Plans to buy in 2021.

India is a country with a vast population where people think of saving more than spending it. It is a common belief that, if one can afford it, then they should put 30% of their income in investment tools. There are many instruments where you can put your money as an...

Ignore if you don't Love Your Family

When a person dies who will get his money from bank accounts, mutual funds, property, etc? What happens to the Mobile Number, Aadhaar after the death of the person. What happens to credit cards, home loans after death.WHAT IF something happens to you? Can your family live the way you wanted them to live

Bemoneyaware Workbook for children

Income Tax Workbook

With Examples and Worksheet explains what is Income, Income Tax slabs, Types of Income, the tax on different types of Income, dates related to Income Tax, tax cut i.e TDS, how to see TDS, how and when to pay self-assessment tax, how to pay the tax due, how to File ITR  More details  of the workbook here 

Lets Learn About Money bemoneyaware Book front cover

Lets Learn Money : Book

Let’s Learn Money Book is for young adults aged 10 and above

Book covers the concepts such as Needs and Wants, How do People Earn, Credit and Debit Cards, Banks, Currency, Mythology and Money. More details and excerpts of the book here 

Bemoneyaware Workbook for children

Lets Learn About Money WorkBook

It has activities for young adults aged 8 and above such as matching, fill in the blanks, crossword, identifying on Know your money, Indian currency, the currency of the world,  Earning money how do people earn money, different professions, the skills required, how much money, Business, Profit and Loss, Spending money, Saving money and Credit Cards. More details and excerpts of the workbook here 

What an Employee Should Know?

 CTC, Salary, Leaves, EPF, RSU,Stock Options

All about Income Tax

Income Tax slabs, Types of Income, TDS, Form 16, Form 26AS, How to File ITR

How to Make Investing Portfolio

Understand various Investing options, Fixed Deposits, PPF, Stocks, Mutual Funds,NPS

What Women Should Know about Money

How financially prepared a Woman as she faces situations in life that men don’t such as relocation due to marriage, career disruption, long life?

Books and Workbooks Written by Bemoneyaware

We have written many books and workbooks such as on

A to Z of PaperWork after death

Hello Income Tax Workbook on basics of Income Tax and Filing ITR. Details here

Let’s Learn About Money Workbook with activities for young adults aged 8 and above.

Let’s Learn about Money, Book for Children available on Amazon



1.A to Z of PaperWork after death

When a person dies who will get his money from bank accounts, mutual funds, property, etc? What happens to the Mobile Number, Aadhaar after the death of the person. What happens to credit cards, home loans after death. When a member of the family dies, a gap is left but life goes on and the family needs to pick up the financial pieces. Especially in the case of the bread earner of the family.

Read more

2. Hello Income Tax: A Workbook

A workbook on Income Tax which explains the various concepts related to Income Tax with examples and worksheets, We also go through the filing of ITR1 for sample data. Read More

Money Workbook for Children

A workbook to make the future generations aware of money with hands-on money activities on Currency, Needs & Wants, Banks. Read More

4. Money Book for Children on Amazon

Teach your kids how to handle money now with interesting stories. Children will learn about Ways to Earn Money, Credit & Debit Cards, Banking. Read more


5.How to make Investment Portfolio

Understand different investment options like PPF, FD, Stocks, Mutual Funds and make an Investment Portfolio. Read more

About Us

Since 26 Mar 2011, bemoneyaware is working to simplify, remove the jargon, explain the money concepts that ordinary Indian faces, to make them money aware as Awareness Empowers.

The blog is mostly handled by  Kirti, Shoobha, Sona, all professional women managing careers with family.

We are not financial experts but have learned about finance the hard way


Bemoneyaware helped our Women in understanding the basics of Personal Finance.
The session was well received and Women would take their first steps towards “investing” without the fear of not knowing

Ashmita Bose

HR Business Partner , Flipkart

Your session for us women was an eye opener. Despite me knowing a fair bit about investing, you brought up so many points that even I was not aware of such as the fact that one can invest in one’s job, family, etc – 

Minnie Paul

HR Head, Applied Micro

Great book! Simple, relevant, and has stories that make understanding finance easy!!
My kids loved it and I wished I had while growing up 

Manoj Guglani

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