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This page is about posts for beginners – those who are educated but are not aware of financial maze.

Personal Finance Books For Adults And Young Adults

Our education system focuses on academics and professional courses, we get the job and work hard and get caught in the race – buy a car, get married, buy a house, go on foreign vacations, have kids, send them to good school, get them married and then maybe retire peacefully.  But Cost to Company(CTC) tax, basis […] Read the rest of this entry »

Book Review-JagoInvestor:Change your relationship with money

Jagoinvestor : Change your relationship with money, written by Jagoinvestor’s Manish Chauhan  is the new book available for personal finance readers. It is based on the principle of personal finance.This article is about the book.Read the rest of this entry »

Educated but have No Financial Education

Swayam was now the king of the world . He had got a job. All the years of slogging, his parents reminding him “Study hard. Get Good grades, Get a good job” finally were paying off. He was excited, on top of the world. No more asking parents for money, no more buying clothes from […] Read the rest of this entry »

First lesson in financial education

Recap: Swayam was now the king of the world . He had got a job. He was excited, on top of the world.  But…His father was telling him to save money.  His cousin was advising him to invest in stocks. His uncle was asking him to buy an insurance policy through which he could save […]Read the rest of this entry »

Saving Bank Account:Do you know how interest is calculated and more

Savings Bank Account is the most common account for individuals. We all have at-least one. Savings accounts offer a safe place to keep your money. Savings accounts offer easy access to your cash you can make a withdrawal easily and quickly i.e your money is liquid . Savings account helps people to put through day-to-day Read the rest of this entry »






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