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Have you ever wondered, how the children of the rich people live? Do they have everything served on a platter?  Have you wondered how they would survive if their Daddy Ka Paisa (Father’s money) is taken from them? Would they be able to toil to survive? Why will they give up their luxurious life style?What can be the big demand of such brats to agree to switch? To find answers to such questions you can catch the reality show  Big Switch 3 – Life without Daddy Ka Paisa which is being aired on UTV Bindaas from 25 December 2011 every Sunday at 7:00 pm.

Big Switch

What is it all about?

It features eight super rich youngsters who enjoy their lives on their father’s money-Daddy Ka Paisa . Their day starts late, they just chill out, shop a lot and just party!. Running a shopping bill of Rs 55,000 on a single day is nothing for them! Everything about them screams: excessive, self-centered.  They lack consideration for other people (including their parents), have temper tantrums, want to have their own way.  The theme of Big Switch 3 – Life without Daddy Ka Paisa is have these brats survive for 20 days without their father’s money.  For promos of the show you can check out
Youtube, Promo-1 and Promo-2.
Their parents have sent them to the show to learn the value of money and time. But these kids also have a condition. If they win the show then their parents would have to meet their big demand which as you guess runs into lakh of rupees.
This show is hosted by Natasha Suri and is judged by Rohit Shetty, director of Golmaal series and Singham.  He has been part of Comedy Circus aired on Sony.
He is called as Godfather of the show. There are just two rules in the show – Rohit Shetty makes the rules and contestants follow them. As he says “Ma kasam mein aapko kodi kodi ka bhav sikha kar hi rahoonga” (I shall make you learn the value of money). You can also catch Natasha Suri and director Rohit Shetty discuss the trials and tribulations of being a part of Big Switch 3- Life Without Daddy Ka Paisa on screenindia


Sahil Rohira, 20 years from Mumbai.
Only Son, pampered and knows it. Describes himself as  big vella, drives various cars like: Honda City, Cerna. Mother thinks that once he joins his father’s office he will be fine, right know he is having the fun. She wants him to get up early, stop smoking, join father’s business, realize the value of money. Big demand is to start his own business worth 50 lakh.
Sahil Big Switch 3

Sahil's Big Demand a business

Swapna, 25 years, Mumbai 

She describes herself as Spontaneous, Out of box, Romantic Bird, appreciates herself. Gets up at 8:00 am, after breakfast at 9:00 takes her dogs for a walk. Then catches up with her freinds for lunch and shops! She had 105 pairs of shoes. Tried 9:00 to 5:00 job but was not interested.  Her father wants her and Neha to learn “Zindagi kaisi hai, kaam karna kaisa hai”(How is life and how to work). Her big demand  is bakery course in Paris worth 60 lakh.

Swapna's big demand : bakery course in Paris

Neha, 21 years, Mumbai
Sister of Swapna.  Shopaholic. Day starts at 7:00 p.m Hates the sun. She think Swapna and herself are Soul sisters. She has 365 pairs of shoes. Her big demand, a fashion designing course in New York worth 60 lakh. She wants to go to New York to be alone, to live life the way she wants,
Neha big switch

Neha's big demand fashion designing course in New York

Faizan Mir 20 years, Delhi
Day starts at 3:00 p.m. Has mood swings Love to chill with friends especially girls and spends money where-ever he chills. His weakness Girls. Loves to run car on a empty road. Short tempered, revengeful-gives tit for tat. Doesn’t know what he wants to be in life. Not interested in job. His parents want him to learn  how to earn in life, behave properly, how to work. Big demand is a Blank Cheque.

Faizan's Big Demand: A BLANK CHEQUE

Anjusha Bhattacharya, 20 years, Mumbai
Day starts at 10:00 p.m  Shops on Thur, Friday, Saturday. Can’t repeat a dress. Her father says she’s been  a problematic child, arrogant, lies to get her way.(She says doesn’t lie). Wants her to learn value of time and money. Her  big demand  World Tour worth 50 lakh.
Anjusha Big Switch Season 3

Anjusha's Big Demand is World Tour

Sushant, 21 years, Mumbai
His best friend- a mirror. Pampers himself at parlours and does yoga on beach. Shopaholic, Products call out to him so he buys the, Telling him not to buy clothes is like telling Guru Ramdev not to do yoga. As Swapna says on seeing him “God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”.  His father wants him to know how life will be without father’s financial support. His big demand,  chau-ffeur driven,  pink colored Beetle car worth 18 lakhs.

Sushant's Big Demand worth Rs 18 lakh

Rohit Bajaj, 23 years, Chandigarh
He is lazy(and fine with it). Day starts at 6:00 pm. A mama’s boy, party animal. College topper, not interested in studies. Loves bikes, He considers himself to be strong with no weakness. Gets angry and beats up people if they cross his path. His mother wants him to learn how to earn money, spend wisely, work and realize importance of family relationships. His big demand Hummer worth 80 lakh.
Rohit Bajaj

Rohit's big demand is Hummer

Heena aka Twinkle, 21 years, Ahmedabad
Loud mouthed. She rocks so does her attitude. Party freak, if there is a party she is there. Everyone loves her. Runs up a bill of 55,000 just like that. Quotes Hitler says” Spend all before you die”.  Her father says she shines too much. After winning Miss University contest, her mother feels she went out of her hands.  Her parents want her to learn the value of money. Her big demand Motorbike worth 18 lakh.
Heena's Big Demand a MotorBike

Heena's Big Demand a MotorBike

Story so far Big Switch-Season 3

First episode of Big Switch 3 begins with an introduction of the Show and contestants.  8 contestants are welcomed by Natasha Suri, participant of the first season, who throws a rocking party for them. Party starts well but turns violent with Neha, Swapna and Farzan throwing Anjusha and Twinkle in the pool.

Next morning they are asked to get up early. Rohit Shetty asks them to clean their room and party area and gives them a dress of cleaner. Rohit Shetty appears with Natasha Suri after the completion of contestants’ task. He snatches their mobiles, laptops, play stations and also TV, fridge, AC etc. He tells them they would have to earn to get these things back.
You can catch the earlier episodes at You tube:

Earlier seasons of Big Switch

The first season , called Big Switch: Life Badal Jayegi, started in Dec 2009, was hosted by actress Genelia Dsouza and was inspired by the movie Slumdog Millionaire.  Contestants  were rich spoilt youngsters. They were plucked from their lavish lifestyles,  had to give up their most valued possessions – phones and money and were dropped into the  confines of a Mumbai slum. The rich participants were paired with a slum buddy. Each week the super rich contestants had to perform a unique task such as:polish shoes at Lokhandwala, wash a certain number of clothes at Dhobhi Ghat, work as street seller selling items such as – Fruit Chaat, Ice cream. The weakest team left the show every week. First episode of Big Switch on YouTube, overview of show at tvserialsandshows.
bigswitch season 1

Big Switch Season 1: Dec 2009

The second season, called Big Switch-2: Family Badal Jayegi was hosted by Gaurav Kapoor, started in Nov 2010. It saw the parents and children  switch their family for 48 hoursFirst episode was about Firoz Khan from Dehra Dun, who had a don’t care attitude towards life and parents, wanted  to live his life for the moment,  fond of long hair, piercings tattoos, alcohol and cigarettes. He  had to live with Rajiv Mishra and Sunita Mishra who were extremely strict and bossy.  Firoz’s parents had to deal with transgender for a childFirst episode at Youtube
Big Switch Season 2

Big Switch Season 2: Nov 2010

Aren’t we raising brats at home?

When I watched the TV show I was happy to see these brats living without their Daddy’s money. Ab roti daal ka bhav pata chalege? (Now they will know the cost of Food etc).  I clapped whenever Rohit says “Maa Kasama..mein kodi ka bhav sikh kar rahonga” These kids need to learn the lesson. While working on the post I happened to visit a mall with my children (Bangalore Central). What I noticed was these children, pre-teens,teens are all dressed up in the brands like Reebok, Nike, Liliput.  Some of the teens had latest mobiles, gadgets like PlayStation and were loaded with shopping bags. I saw a child around 5 -6 years throwing tantrum at the checkout counter. His mother tried various reasons -they have similar toy at home, it’s useless buying it, money doesn’t grow on trees, but that kid just refused to listen.   Kids and Money Conversations and Kids and money slide show at business today shows how kids from ages 2+ take money for granted considering parents as Any Time Money. It makes me wonder  “What does money mean?”.

Who will be the winner of Big Switch 3?

Note: Anjusha was eliminated on 29th Jan, Heena and Rohit Bajaj on 5th Feb. No elimination on 12th Feb. Sahil was eliminated on 19th Feb.
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Winner of Big Switch 3

Every contestant went back realizing the value of money.  The video which shows the transformation in life of the the contestants:Before and Now.  Contestants learnt a lot, we learnt a lot hope you did too! Faizan is the Winner of the show which ended on 26 Feb 2012 . He also won the people’s heart-he had maximum number of votes on our post. His father presented him a blank cheque which he gave back along with 220 Rs that he had earned. Thanks to all the people who voted.


Faizan's Big Demand: A BLANK CHEQUE

Thanks to our reader Rajat Jain who made us search for Neha’s Surname found facebook pages of some of Big Switch 3 contestants. We have no way to find whether they are authentic or not, they seem so their surnames, their photos, So please please use it at your own responsibility.

If you find facebook or other pages of Big Switch 3 contestants please let us know!
Do we, our kids really understand money, it’s value? Aren’t we raising brats at homeWill they be able to survive without Mummy-Daddy Ka Paisa?For all the fun and action on BigSwitch- Season 3 check out the official  Facebook page  and Twitter 

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with UTV Bindaas or DailyMotion. 

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