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Women Take Control of Money and your Life

Principles of personal finance management are gender-neutral but a woman faces situations in life that men don’t such as relocation due to marriage, career disruption on childbirth, re-entry into the corporate rat race, or a complete career switch to achieve work-life...

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All About Fixed Deposit,FD

Fixed Deposit is one of the simplest and most used Investment product in India. This article covers  FD (Fixed Deposits) in Detail. All about Fixed Deposits For someone who does not want any kind of uncertainty with regard to his or her investments, Fixed Deposits is...

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All About UAN or Universal Account Number of EPF

UAN is Universal Account Number. The UAN is a 12-digit  number allotted to the employee who is contributing to Employee Provident Fund or EPF.  UAN number is a big step towards shifting the EPF services to online platform and making it more user-friendly.  Please note...

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Investor Mohnish Pabrai: Dhandoo Investor

He paid USD 650,000 (with his best friend and fellow investor Guy Spier) to win a ‘power lunch’ with Warren Buffett. His Mantra is Heads, I win; tails, I don’t lose much, And he says “I’m a shameless copycat, Everything in my life is cloned.... I have no original...

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Best Mutual Funds for 2023

Which is the best mutual fund to invest in? We can segregate mutual funds based on their underlying assets such as equity, debt or gold. These funds have different risk profiles and investment objectives.   And even among these there are different sub categories like...

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Ignore if you don't Love Your Family

When a person dies who will get his money from bank accounts, mutual funds, property, etc? What happens to the Mobile Number, Aadhaar after the death of the person. What happens to credit cards, home loans after death.WHAT IF something happens to you? Can your family live the way you wanted them to live

Bemoneyaware Workbook for children

Income Tax Workbook

With Examples and Worksheet explains what is Income, Income Tax slabs, Types of Income, the tax on different types of Income, dates related to Income Tax, tax cut i.e TDS, how to see TDS, how and when to pay self-assessment tax, how to pay the tax due, how to File ITR  More details  of the workbook here 

Lets Learn About Money bemoneyaware Book front cover

Lets Learn Money : Book

Let’s Learn Money Book is for young adults aged 10 and above

Book covers the concepts such as Needs and Wants, How do People Earn, Credit and Debit Cards, Banks, Currency, Mythology and Money. More details and excerpts of the book here 

Bemoneyaware Workbook for children

Lets Learn About Money WorkBook

It has activities for young adults aged 8 and above such as matching, fill in the blanks, crossword, identifying on Know your money, Indian currency, the currency of the world,  Earning money how do people earn money, different professions, the skills required, how much money, Business, Profit and Loss, Spending money, Saving money and Credit Cards. More details and excerpts of the workbook here 

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