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Ways to invest in Gold

Indians love gold. More than 18,000 tonnes of the metal is lying in Indian households. Now there are many ways to invest in Gold such as Gold  Jewellery, Bars- Coins and Biscuits, Sovereign Gold Bonds, Gold ETFs, Gold Saving Funds, Gold Mining Funds, Gold Futures. In...

Silver and Gold Remain the Most Traded Precious Metals

“Some argue that gold is a barbaric relic that no longer holds the monetary qualities of the past. In a modern economic environment, paper currency is the money of choice.” This was a popular belief just a few decades ago, according to recent findings by Investopedia....

How to Invest in Gold through a Solo 401k Plan

In most countries, there are retirement plans offered to employees to save with tax advantage. In India, we have EPF and EPS. The USA has a 401k plan. An interesting feature of the 401K plan is buying gold through it. This article covers 401K and how can one buy gold...

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