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Meet Personal Finance Blogger : Pattu of FreeFinCal

“Why do you blog?”, asked my 8 year old son. After some time I saw a reply to my mail from a fellow personal finance blogger,Manshu of who has taken a break from blogging (I miss his daily updates). These made me wonder,curious about why other...

Indiblogger Meet : Fully Loaded

#SoakNoMore came to Bangalore with an IndiBlogger meet that promised to be the event of the year. And for the very first time, families were invited as well. And what a meet it was! We got soaked in fun, masti, goodies, games, food, information came home fully loaded... – Reviewing the Reviewer

As the name suggests, This post is about reviewing the reviewer, Indian Top Blogs. It also try to show the journey of our blog(There are miles to go..). We had submitted our blog for review to and their review is given verbatim-no changes,...

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