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Marriages may be made in heaven but Wedding costs! It is a special occasion that many want to splurge on and remember for a lifetime. Every wedding involves a certain cost. No two weddings will cost the same amount, because of the different variables involved.  What is the cost of Indian Big Fat wedding? What should Bride and Groom Talk about money? What mistakes one can do while Planning a wedding? And if you think Wedding is expensive, you would find divorce having implications of higher level!

During the period of 14 Nov to 14 Dec 2022, around 32 lakh weddings will be solemnised across the country with a massive flow of about Rs 3.75 lakh crore by way of wedding purchasing and obtaining various services in the business being conducted by trading community, as per a survey conducted by the CAIT Research & Trade Development Society. It is Band Baja and Baraat with all the tam jhaam.

Don’t go overboard in spending on Wedding!

Yes, Mukesh Ambani spent 700 crores on his children’s marriage, Isha and Akash Ambani in 2018. But then Mukesh Ambani Net worth is in billions(was 44 billion in 2018). 

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas spent around $584,000 on their two-day event but then they sold the pictures to a magazine for a big amount. Their combined net worth is estimated to be $53 million(According to reports on the internet)

As they say jitni chadaar ho utna paav phelana chahiye!(spread as much as your bedsheet allows)

Cost of Indian Wedding

No two weddings will cost the same amount, because of the different variables involved. Weddings have become very aspirational.  The wedding cost in India varies depending on the factors below:

  • Destination/In house wedding
  • Number of functions
  • Guest count
  • Catering
  • Wedding décor
  • Wedding attire and makeup
  • Professional wedding photography

In case you are organising a small wedding, it will still cost you somewhere between Rs 10,00,000 and Rs 25,00,000.

Percentage of Various costs are as follows:

Breakup of costs in wedding

Breakup of costs in wedding

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue takes up a major chunk of the budget. There are options of hotels, banquet halls, farmhouses  or your own house.

In case you want to have a destination wedding, then your budget will vary based on the place you decide. Popular Indian wedding destinations are Goa, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kovalam and Alleppey.

Foreign-location destination weddings are also immensely popular; some sought-after foreign destinations include Italy, Portugal, Las Vegas, Maldives, Bali, Spain, and Greece

Food at Wedding

It is believed that people remember your wedding day based on how tasty the food was. So, compromising on your food budget is not a good idea In India, no wedding is considered a hit unless the guests are gushing about the food for months thereafter! So compromising on your food budget is not a good idea.

Some venues will only let you hire their chosen caterers, and others (like hotel banquet halls) provide food along with the venue.

You can choose from the available options based on the size of the banquet hall, decoration they offer, and the food that would be served there.

Once you zero in on the caterer, you need to select the dishes or the cuisines that you want on the menu.

Figure out the number of dishes and combinations offered by the caterer for best use of finances and your choice of the menu. It is advisable not to compromise quality over quantity. Also, opting for international cuisine could shoot the cost of your per plate from Rs 600-800 to anywhere between Rs 1800-2000.

Type Venue Expenses Additional venue related charges 
Hotels Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,500 (per plate)

*Guest size 500 to 1000 persons

Minimum Rs 1.5 lakhs
Banquet Lawns & Farmhouses Starting from Rs 2,00,000 for Tier-II cities. Minimum Rs 1.5 lakhs2,00,000
Destination Wedding at Royal Palaces Rs 75,00,000 to up to a few crores Minimum Rs 20,00,000
Wedding Budget (in Rs.) Venue Type
5-10 lakh Outskirts of the city
20-50 lakh Hotel banquets, clubs
50 lakh & above High end hotel/5 stars

Decorations of the Wedding

Cost of Decor is essentially the biggest cost besides the stay and food. Decor consists of all the visual elements those are added to the aesthetics of venue to make the venues look better, festive and in sync with the event to be held.

Decor has no limit, right from selection of specific material of linen, dying it to the color palette, custom printing it, personalised Seating plan and Name Cards, personalised Chimes for Champagne glasses, matching Napkins, Accent Cutlery, Crystal Glasses, Favour boxes, Stationary with personalised Logo, preferred scented candles, Photo ops, its actually limitless.

Decor covers following

  •  Basic setup of the structure like Platforms,Carpeting, Banquet
  •  Floral decor & floral arrangements
  • Lighting for Stage/Dance Floor etc. Also includes the Generator.
  • Sound and AV equipment, DJ Console and related gadgets, LED Walls, Sound equipment related structures and furniture.
  • Labour and Transport of the above suppliers, setting up for destination wedding is way more challenging than setting up an independent venue.
  • Consultation fee of Creative team/Designer

Decoration is an area where you can cut your budget by say opting for paper decorations instead of exotic floral arrangements.  Explore inexpensive yet classy looking options are available to beautify your big day.


Selection of the photographer is very important as these pictures will be your memories. These days, you have the option to select “candid”, drone-based, or traditional photography and/or videography.  These days one can also include “pre-wedding shoots” as well!

The wedding photography package in India starts from Rs 50,000.

Wedding Clothes and Jewelry

Wedding outfits and jewelry are the focal point for the couple to be wed.

A bridal wedding saree or lehenga starts from to RS. 20,000 and a designer shervani or suit for the groom around RS. 30,000.

Common jewellery for a wedding are as follows.

  • Necklace(s) which can be of kind choker or Rani Haar. Mangalsutra
  • Earrings : Usually Jhumka kind
  • Rings : including engagement ring which is usually diamond ring.
  • Payal or Anklets
  • Nath or Nose rings
  • Kamarbandh

One can go for artificial sets or made of gold.

In Nov 2022, the gold prices are trading over Rs 50,000 per 10 grams. A lightweight necklace weighing roughly 30 grams will cost around Rs 1,50,000.

Whatever woman receives before or after the marriage i.e during maidenhood, the subsistence of marriage or widowhood is actually StredhanAs per the Hindu philosophy, Streedhan is the absolute property of a woman and she has the right to gift/will away as per her own will. She does not even require the consent of her husband.

StreeDhan : What is it? Why should one know about StreeDhan?

Miscellaneous Expenses

Expenses include invitation cards , Pandit’s/priest’s fees,  accomdation for guests, return gifts, and transport etc. Be sure to account for these when you are calculating your wedding budget.

Glimpses of Weddings

This video shows the Glimpses of different types of brides in different types of weddings. Check out the decor, bride and bridegroom, their clothes, jewellery!

Meaning of Pheras in Hindu Weddings

What is the meaning of seven Pheras in the Hindu Wedding?

Saat pheras of hindu marriage, what they mean

Saat pheras of hindu marriage, what they mean

Money Talk between Bride and Groom

  • We give the salary to my father and then he gives us the monthly allowance! said one boy to his future working wife!
  • I will handle all the money? You take care of the family? said another boy

In Earlier times life was simple, husband worked outside, wife took care of the house and kids.People lived in joint family where decision about money were taken  by elders.

Now the times have changed there are  nuclear families, husband and wife both working often earning similar amount of money.

So the question gets complicated as there is my money,your money and then your expenses, my expenses, our expensesour investments etc.

Questions that one should have before marriage are given below, It is a great reality check.

Spouses need to maintain the mindset that they are on the same team, otherwise consequences just turn into angry retaliation and war tactics. But don’t be in hurry to let other person take control of your money! Trust has to be earned!

What bride and groom should talk about money before wedding

Money Talk before wedding

Divorce is not Cheap

Marriages are said to be made in heaven, but divorce is most certainly a very earthly affair.

Why are we talking of Divorce here. Just as we write on the need to buy adequate life insurance protection while hoping that the cover will never need to be invoked by the beneficiary, we wish all marriages will be blessed with everlasting love and happiness. But lets spend few minutes on understanding the worst case scenario which in case of marrige is divorce!

In a divorce, what was once called “ours” gets divided into “his” and “hers.”  Things become more complicated if the couple has children.

Divorce are devastating emotionally, that the financial implications of the separation often never crosses the mind. Due to the emotional trauma, one’s thinking gets clouded, preventing one from acting in a logical manner. Women, especially those who are not financially savvy or involved in the family’s money decisions, are the most vulnerable.

What is Divorce? Types of Divorce, What are the Rights of Women on Divorce? What about Loans, Bank Accounts, Investments on Divorce? How much Alimony does one get? How does the law decide Who gets Custody of Children? is explained in our article Divorce: The process, Settlement, Custody of Children and Alimony

Famous Weddings

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh Wedding, Cost, : All about Deepika and Ranveer Konkani and Sindhi weddings on the banks of Lake Como, Italy on 14 Nov and 15 Nov 2018. By keeping a small family they showed that family comes first. It is also a strong message to young Indians who are increasingly opting for inter-community, inter-religious alliances. What was the Cost of the Wedding of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh?

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas Wedding: Cost, Who paid for it, Functions Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas married on 1st  and 2nd December 2018 in a two-day, lavish, East-meets-West celebration, after a whirlwind four-month engagement. According to reports on the internet, Priyanka and Nick spent an estimated $584,000 on their two-day event. Their combined net worth is estimated to be $53 million.  Details from the wedding, such as the venue (the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India), her dress (custom Ralph Lauren with a 75-foot train!), her jewellery, her makeup, captivated the internet, as also speculation about their relationship, Priyanka was 36 and Nick was 26 years old.

In India, weddings are known for exhausting one-third of your parents’ entire savings. The changing trends and rising inflation have made this event costlier than ever.


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