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We get a lot of questions about people’s EPF claims rejected. In this article, we have discussed some of the common reasons why EPF claims are rejected and how you can fix those.

Govt Notice with Email details for EPF

In view of the recent spike in the number of Covid-19 cases, all Subscribers/Pensioners/PF members are requested to make use of online services to enquire about their Provident Fund claim related matters.  PF Members and Employers coming under the jurisdiction of Regional Office, Chennai (North) can send e-mails to while those within the jurisdiction of Regional Office, Chennai (South) are requested to send emails to  The landline numbers 044-28139200, 201, 202 and 044-28139310 are also available on working days for raising grievances.  Moreover queries can also be communicated to whatsapp number 09345750916 for matter relating to Regional Office, Chennai (North).  Subscribers working in establishments under jurisdiction of Regional Office, Chennai (South) can send queries to the whatsapp number 06380366729.

It is appealed to the PF members to make use of the on line facilities keeping in view the prevailing pandemic situation.

This is stated in a press release issued by Shri. Rituraj Medhi, Regional Provident Fund Commission-I, Regional Office, Chennai North & Chennai South.

Common Reasons why EPF claims are Rejected and Solutions

I worked in 2 companies and after leaving the second company I withdrew my EPF. Not when I try to transfer my 1sr company EPF my claim is rejected. The rejected reason is the claim already settled what to do now?

To withdraw from the first employer you would have to approach the first employer and do it offline. This becomes time-consuming.

One has to transfer the old PF account to the new account. Only then will you be able to withdraw from both accounts online. Linking of PF account with UAN is not sufficient

If you don’t transfer your PF account from the old to the new employer?

  • Then you would have two separate EPF accounts.
  • If you leave 2nd organization and withdraw then you will be able to withdraw from only the last employer.
  • To withdraw from the first employer you would have to approach the first employer and do it offline. This becomes time-consuming.
  • The old EPF account will be considered inactiveIt will earn interest but you will have to pay tax on it. It will also show in Form 26AS.

Our article Why should one transfer an old EPF account to the new employer? explains it in detail.

Name not Printed/Different in Cheque

As per the new process of PF withdrawal, you need to upload a copy of the cheque or passbook during your PF withdrawal. This is done to cross-check whether your submitted bank details match the details of your bank account or not. If it does not match then the PF claim is rejected.

Solution: You have to upload cheque/passbook that has your name printed as the account holder. When you go to the bank and get the chequebook, the name is not printed on the cheque book. To get cheque book with name in the order cheque book online/SMS.

EPF Claim rejected because name is not on the cheque

EPF Claim rejected because name is not on the cheque

EPF Claim rejected as Your name in UAN account differs from bank record

Your PF claim can get rejected because of the difference of your name in the bank account and in UAN.

Solution 1:  Make sure that your first name, middle name, and last name match in both the UAN and bank account.  Submit an application to Bank to update your name. They may require to submit the one and same person affidavit. Once you complete the bank formalities, order a new cheque book or passbook.  Upload your correct passbook/bank details followed by the approval of the same from your employer

Solution 2: Change your bank account in UAN. You need to add new bank account details in KYC of UAN. You employer has to approve it. Explained in detail in our article UAN KYC : Add Details PAN,Aadhaar, Bank Account

EPF Aadhar KYC

EPF Aadhaar KYC: add Bank account details, PAN, Aadhaar

Name in UAN account differs from Aadhaar

Solution: You need to fill the Joint Declaration Form. Along with that, you need to write an application stating that your Aadhaar is already linked but still your name is different. It might be because you have already linked it in the past.

Number of digits in Bank account number, esp SBI

Many account numbers start with Zero(0) and while adding bank account details many people ignore these. Hence PF claim gets rejected as bank account details do not match.

This issue is usually faced by the SBI bank account holders. SBI passbook shows 11-digit account number. But in Internet Banking, you will see a 17-digit account number.

Solution: You need to update the bank details by giving all the digits including 0s. So for SBI give the 17-digit account number.  You need to update Bank details in KYC, get it approved by your employer. Then again claim online.

EPF PF claim Rejection due to difference in number of digits in bank account

EPF PF claim Rejection due to difference in number of digits in bank account

EPF Claim rejected as Bank Details are Incorrect

Incorrect bank details issue could occur due to the change in the IFSC Code due to the mergers of banks or it could be due to the use of the joint account in the PF KYC.

The PF department may accept the bank account if the joint account is with your spouse. However, in the cases of friends, relatives, or anyone else, the PF department usually rejects the claim.

Solution: You can redo the Bank KYC and get it approved by your employer. Then apply for the PF claim.

EPF is Settled but returned

In this scenario, the PF department initiates for the settlement of your PF claim, however, due to the incorrect bank details or the IFSC Code, the amount is sent bank to the PF department.

Solution: To fix it, you can either correct your KYC details and apply for your PF again. Followed by this, you need to also upload an application to the PF department that you have updated your KYC details, please re-authorize my details.

Or, you can also do it through offline means by filling up the reauthorization form and submitting it to your nearest PF office with your correct bank details and a copy of your passbook and Aadhaar.

EPF Claim rejected as Certificate A/B/C/D/E/F not signed or enclosed

This is one of the common reason why PF claim is rejected. This is because of the EPFO officer while processing the claim while entering the reason for rejection chooses this. The EPFO office can select 2 reasons from the dropdown-others and Certificate A/B/C/D/E/F. If Epfo officer selects the ‘others’ they have to manually enters the details. Whereas if often they select the first option from the dropdown i.e. Certificate A/B/C/D/E/F and then they don’t have to enter the details.

However, in some cases like for advance, the reason may be genuine. Such scenarios usually take place in the cases of advance. Sometime, you may claim your advance due to the reasons like natural calamity, factory lockdown, strike, etc. For such reasons, you need to fill the certificate and send it to the PF department along with a copy of your passbook.

Solution: If you are claiming advance, then we would suggest you not to use such reasons. Instead, you can use the illness reason or any other genuine reason so that your PF is not rejected.

PDF not opened Re-Submit

Sometimes the uploaded PDF is corrupted and it does not open.

Solution: Please validate the PDF file on your local computer before uploading it. Also, make sure that the file follows the size restriction.

Wages less than Rs. 15000 eligible for pension membership but establishment not remitted pension contribution. Or,

Member DOJ after 01/09/2014 wages more than Rs. 15000 Please confirm if the previous service any.

After 1st September 2014 PF Department said if any person starts his new job with a salary more than Rs. 15000 then his pension contribution would be nil. Often employer not being aware of it cuts the EPF. This was introduced through an official notification called GSR 609(E). The GSR 609(E) has however been rejected by the Supreme Court and there has been no update about it since then.


The  Employee needs to follow up for no fault of his. Yes, it sucks but you need to fight out to get your money. For your next job make sure that your entire Employer contribution is going towards EPF

The solution suggested by EPFO is “You are advised to approach the employer for rectifying the same by submitting the revised return to the EPFO for merging the EPS contribution to EPF”

Known as a member’s annual contribution card, Form 3A depicts the month-wise contributions made by the subscriber/member and employer towards E.P.F and Pension Fund in a particular year. The data is calculated for every member who is a part of the scheme

Check out details at Basic Salary More than 15000, EPS Contribution, Rejection of Transfer or EPF Claim

EPF Form 3A

Revised EPF Form 3A to be submitted for salary more than 15,000

EPF Claim rejected due to DOJ/DOL Reasons

This error might have occurred because your employer might have entered your wrong date of joining or the date of leaving. As a result, if your return is not filed for a particular month, you would not be able to process the claim.

Solution: To fix the date of joining, you need to fill a joint declaration form along with new employer correcting the date of joining or

To fix the issue of date of leaving, you need to fill a joint declaration form along with old employer correcting the date of leaving.

EPF Rejection due to incorrect DOJ/DOL

EPF Rejection due to incorrect DOJ/DOL

Insufficient Service

Insufficient Service rejection means that you have not served your service for a min. duration of 6 months. In such scenarios, you would be able to apply for EPF Withdrawal using Form 19 but cannot apply for EPS(pension) withdrawal using Form 10C.

Solution: Please note that pension withdrawal can be done only after 6 months of service.

You can check your service details by Logging in to UAN Portal at Member Home and click on View->Service History and it would show details as shown in the image below.

Please note that it is important to transfer your old EPF account when you change jobs as explained in the article Why should one transfer old EPF account to new employer?

Our article How to check Member Ids or PF accounts linked to UAN covers it in detail.

Service History details of the past and present employers

Service History details of the past and present employers

Submit Form 19 and 10C both

Form 10C is used only for Pension withdrawal whereas Form 19 is only for the PF. However, based on the reviews of the claimants it has been found that if you are just filling up Form 10C then the PF department is rejecting the claim.

Solution: You need to fill both Form 19 and Form 10C to withdraw your complete amount i.e. Pension + PF.

Multiple PF Numbers

If you have made a withdrawal from your latest PF number and made a transfer from your old PF number then you would still be having some amount in your PF. However, the claim is rejected and the reason is being stated that your claim is already settled.

Solution: You write an application to the PF department stating that you still have some amount in your PF account due to which you are applying for the PF claim. And send details about passbook

Contribution not Submitted

In this case, your employer has not made the contribution of the PF due to which the PF department cannot process your claim.

Solution: You must check and update your passbook on time to make sure that there is no discrepancy. If you find any discrepancy then connect with your employer and ask them about you not getting the contribution of your PF.

 Epf claim rejected as contribution is not received

Epf claim rejected as contribution is not received

Father Name Different

The rejection may be due to the presence of the wrong/different father’s name in your PF records and bank passbook. Often it happens when you

Solution: You can upload your cheque in which your name is written. In this scenario, there would be more chances of acceptance of your PF claim. Or, if you are unable to do it then you would have to fill a joint declaration form and correct your father’s name through that.

Changing the father’s name cannot be done online. This is explained in our article How to Correct EPF Details like Name, Father Name, Date of Joining


If you receive this remark – It means that they sent an email to your employer or payroll management company to verify that this withdrawal is initiated by you.

This rejection reason is given when they don’t get a reply on that mail within 4 – 5 days,

The employer has to reply to the email.

Thanks, Parikshit for the details.

Service Overlapped

Service overlapping cases occur due to the overlap of your service. For example, you might have worked full time and part-time together in some company. In such a situation, you may get a PF rejection issue.

Solution: As per an official in the PF department, you have to go to the PF office and get your PF merged. In such scenarios, it may happen that you won’t be able to apply for the claim through online means and you would have to apply for the offline claim. In such a scenario, you may feel certain troubles while you apply for the claim.

Video on EPF Rejection Reasons

This video explains all the EPF Rejection Reasons.

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