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If you have a question regarding your PF withdrawal, or transfer or updation of details, or complaint against EPF, your employer then you can use EPF grievance website to lodge a complaint. You can use online grievance only if you have UAN. On this platform, you can lodge the complaint and also track the status of the complaint. Timeline for resolution of grievance raised is 30 days. This article talks about how to use EPF Grievance Website to file EPF Complaint in detail with images, what our experience was while filing the EPF grievance?

What is EPF Grievance Website to file EPF Complaint?

If you have a question regarding your PF withdrawal, or transfer or updation of details, or complaint against EPF, your employer then you can use EPF grievance website to lodge a complaint. To lodge the complaint you must have your EPF UAN number. This has been made mandatory from 1 January 2016.

  • One can lodge the complaint if one is EPF member pensioner or employer.
  • One can raise the complaints against one’s employer (company) or concerned EPFO.
  • There is a timeline of 30 days for resolving the issue.
  • One can send the reminders for resolution of the complaint.

The issues for which one can register complaints regarding EPF are:

  1. Withdrawal of PF
  2. The form 13 for transfer of PF accumulations.
  3. EPS: the scheme certificate or 10C.
  4. Pension settlement
  5. Issues related to PF balance.
  6. Payment of insurance benefit or Form 5IF
  7. If a cheque is returned or misplaced.

One can view the status online for the complaints filed.

If the complaints are not resolved in the expected time then one can send some reminders for our complaint.

If you are still not getting any satisfactory reply then you may contact the EPFO office

You can also file an RTI in case of no satisfactory answer from EPFO in time. This will make you get the status of your EPF within 30 days from the date you file RTI.

How to file EPF complaint online at EPF Grievance Website?

Visit and Click on the Register Grievance to register EPF complaints.

EPF grievance System

EPF grievance System

The fields marked as * are mandatory to fill.

In Enter EPF Details you have to

  • In Select Status select one of PF member, EPS Pensioner, Employer, Others
  • In Select Others, if PF Number is not known to You
  • Enter your UAN number. UAN is 12 digit number.
  • Enter Security Code(in image below is 43624). You have to enter the code you see.
  • Click on Get Details
Submit EPF Complaint

Submit EPF Complaint by giving UAN

It will show the UAN number, mobile and Email id, as shown in the image below.

Filing EPF complaint get OTP

Filing EPF complaint get OTP

In Enter Personal Details , you will be asked to choose the PF number.

In Enter Grievance Details

  • Select the Grievance category under which the complaint falls.
  • Enter the Grievance description (maximum 5000 characters).
  • Select the Grievance category under which the complaint falls.
  • Upload the Supporting documents in pdf format (maximum size of 1 MB) to clarify the complaint. Click on Browse, select the pdf file and click on Attach.
  • Enter the Captcha( the pattern in the image ex bwex in the image below) and Click on the submit button.
File EPF Complaint

File EPF Complaint

Once the complaint is filed, the complainant is provided with a unique registration number.These details also will be emailed to your registered email id.

EPF Complaints can be tracked online. An employee can use registration number to track the status of his/her complaint.

The EPFO verifies the complaint. After that, it is forwarded to the relevant party for resolution. It takes few days(15-30 days) to get the complaints resolved.

The reminders can be sent using the registration number.

Video on Filing EPF grievance

This video explains how to file EPF grievance on the new system and raise your complaint.


Our Experience in filing EPF Grievance

I had filed EPF Grievance as I had rejoined the same company and my service history was not showing old service details.

My case:

I had worked in the company way back in the late 1990s much before the UAN age. In 2013, I rejoined the company and got UAN allocated and a new PF account number. I was able to transfer my old PF account related to same company successfully.

  • I had registered EPF grievance on 14 Dec 14,2017 (as I was writing the article)
  • After submission, I did not get the Registration Number, no email was sent to me.
  • Not sure if my complaint was registered I submitted again.
  • On 15 Dec 2017,(yes one day after my submission), I got the mail from epf grievance, shown in the image below. There was no ledger card associated with the email 🙁
  • So I raised the grievance again.
Reply to my epf grievance

Reply to my epf grievance

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Did you use EPF grievance website? Did you get any resolution?


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