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If you apply for EPF withdrawal and your bank details(name, account number or IFSC code) are not correct then though your EPF withdrawal will be settled money will not be credited in your account. In such a case you need to submit a reauthorization letter to the Regional EPFO office.

I have submitted my PF withdrawal form to delhi office(Nehru place) in july. I have recd no intimation nor the PF amount till date. 2)I have recently changed my Bank account too. I have closed the one which i have given for PF withdrawal. Plz help me resolve both my issues. (Src: citehr)

I resigned from my previous job last year. About 2 months ago, I submitted my PF withdrawal forms at the PF office in Bangalore. Yesterday I got my PF money, but I noticed that its lesser than what I had estimated, After some rough calculations, I found out that the Pension fund money has not been credited. I checked the photocopies of the forms again, and to my horror, I found that the bank account number in the pension form (Form 10C) had missed a digit, and thus invalid.  (Src: Alok at Bemoneyaware)

Procedure to withdraw from EPF account

Let's recap the procedure to withdraw from EPF. Quoting from our article Withdrawal or Transfer of Employee Provident Fund Employee can withdraw from EPF by filling Form 19(pdf)  which is available with the HR department of his ex-employer or can download it from EPFI webpage of download forms. One can withdraw only after  a waiting period of two months after resigning. The rules are that an employee should not be in employment for two months after resigning if he has to withdraw his P.F amount. Form is submitted to the regional provident fund Commissioner office after which the employee receives his amount along with interest within a period of 90 days. While submitting the EPF/EPS withdrawal form along with the bank details one needs to submit a cancelled cheque with the form. EPF office tries to do appropriate checking. Quoting from their  circular by EPFO office (pdf format) It is also reiterated that considering large volumes, bank may not be in a position to check member name and account number which increases likelihood of wrong payments. Considering same, it is mandatory that three level check of comparing member name and account number from passbook copy/cancelled cheque should be done meticulously. As per EPF:FAQ webpage there are two modes of payment. Quoting from there:

20) What is the mode of payment of Provident Fund and Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance dues?

Provident Fund & Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance dues is paid by money order/ by deposit in payees' bank a/c/ through employer/ by depositing the cheque in payees' name or part of amount in annuity scheme in any nationalised bank. Payment by money order is allowed where the amount is not more than Rs. 2000/-.

Cheque issued is of State Bank Of India. In 2010 as per the circular by EPFO office(pdf format) EPFO is moving towards three modes of payment of EPF refund as shown in picture below (picture is from the circular):
Modes of payment by EPFO

Modes of payment by EPFO

But what does EPFO do  if bank account is closed and cheque is returned. Quoting from  EPF:FAQ webpage

22) In case of returning of cheque what is the procedure to be followed?

Generally the cheques are returned by the bankers when the a/c number is furnished incorrect or a/c has been closed. On receipt of the cheque from the bankers the Provident Fund office will write to the member & employer about the fact & request them to intimate the bank, a/c number & detailed address. In case, the member comes to know about returning of the cheque before this, he can write to the Provident Fund office through his former employer regarding his present address & bank a/c number.

What if the bank account is closed/or bank details don't match due to name mismatch or number of digits after you get the refund cheque? In such case does one need to re submit the withdrawal application again. In such a case one does not need to submit the form again. No one does not need to refill and resubmit the form. One just needs to fill the reauthorization form.

PF Reauthorization Form

Sample PF Re authorization Form is shown in image below. It is for Mumbai. We found it on googling from Citehr
Sample reauthroization document

Sample reauthroization document

There is some confusion regarding what to fill for following field.

Ref: Re-Credit intimation No. ________ date ________ issued by APFC (Cash) to APFC, AG ______ under copy to the undersigned.

Our reader Anil Mishra who filled the form in May 2012 commented

The form is pretty straight forward for the bangalore PF office. I never had to fill the details you have mentioned. (maybe they have different forms?) You have to fill up the PF account number that is already known. And of course the correct name, bank address and account number with the seal and signature of the employer who attests to verify your signature in this form which is mandatory. The official there told me that they will fill up the rest of the columns.

From the sample and Anil comments details required in reauthorization form are:
  • Correct name,
  • Bank address and
  • Account number
  • The seal and signature of the employer who attests to verify your signature in this form which is mandatory.
Related Articles: Note:The article is for educational and informational use and do not construe this as professional financial advice. Check out our Disclaimer. ---->

What happens to EPF withdrawal when bank details are incorrect?

What if the bank account is closed/or bank details don’t match due to name mismatch or number of digits or incorrect IFSC code?  Once NEFT fails then EPF amount will be credited back to the EPFO bank account within 4-6 days.

In such case does one need to reapply for the EPF withdrawal? No, one does not need to reapply for EPF Withdrawal. If you reapply your claim will get rejected as shown in the message below.

Reapplication of EPF Withdrawal rejected

Reapplication of EPF Withdrawal rejected

Reauthorization Form of EPFO

The solution is to submit the reauthorization letter to the Regional EPFO office offline with correct bank details and cancelled cheque leaf. After submitting EPF re-authorization letter, it takes 10-15 days to credit your EPF amount to the correct bank account.

The details required in reauthorization form are as follows:

  • Correct name,
  • Bank address and
  • Account number
  • The seal and signature of the employer/Authorized Official who attests to verify your signature.

The text of the form is given below. We have got this from CiteHr here,from post on 18 May 2018. To get details about your Regional EPFO please scroll down and read the section Regional EPFO office.

To, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner,

Employees Provident Fund Organization,

<Region of EPFO>
Subject: Request for re-authorization of returned Cheque/NEFT in r/0 of


Bearing P.F.No. _______________

NEFT/Cheque No. ___________________Date___________ Amount________

NEFT/Cheque No. ___________________Date___________ Amount________.
The Cheque/Neff payment towards the settlement of my Provident Fund/Family Pension Fund amount has not been credited to my SB A/c  due to incorrect details.
Kindly re-issue the amount. My Bank details are as under-
1. Saving Bank A/c No. _____________________________

2. Name of the Bank _____________________________

3. Branch _____________________________

4. Full Address of Bank  _____________________________

Residential Address _____________________________


Yours Faithfully,

(Signature of the Member)

Enclosed: Cancelled Cheque.
I hereby identify & Certify that the applicant has signed/thumb impressed before me.

Signature Of Employer/Authorized Official with office seal

Get Details of Your Regional EPFO office

You can also visit the regional EPFO office and try to get information. Please take all the documents like Payslip, Letter from the employer, Identity proof like Aadhaar etc to the Regional EPFO office.

Our article How to find your employer’s EPFO office and EPFO office Phone Numbers explains it in detail.

    • Go to
    • Click on Our Services->Employers
    • Click on  Establishment Search. You can enter Establishment code/ name of the office
    • Enter Captcha
    • Click on Search
    • After selecting your company/employer Click View Details on the company
    • Scroll down to find Establishment Details which gives the name of Regional EPFO office and address.
  • EPFO office associated with your office

    EPFO office associated with your office

  • You can then go to EPF website and click on Contact Us to find the contact details of your regional EPFO. You need to search for Zonal office and then the Regional office name given as EPFO office name as shown below.
EPF Regional EPFO office contact details EMAIL

EPF Regional EPFO office contact details EMAIL

We are grateful to Anil for sharing his experience.  If you know about it or have some experience to share regarding Reauthorization or EPFO refund please update in the comments section.


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