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Most new businesses fail in their first year of operation due to a lack of funding. While numerous funding options are available today, finding the one with fewer risks and more benefits is daunting. Below is a list of seven funding options that you can rely on to get capital for your startup.

Funding options for a startup

Bootstrapping or Self-funding

It’s challenging for first-time entrepreneurs to obtain funding without exhibiting plans for potential success. It would be best to start by investing your own savings in the business first before sourcing help from family, friends, and other funding options. However, this funding method only comes in handy if the initial capital requirement is small. If your startup requires significant sums of money from day one, bootstrapping may not be the ideal option.

Loans From Lending companies

While some lending companies may expect you to prove your capability to make money by explaining to them how innovative your new business idea is, many are willing to fund startups. Another option is to go for payday loans for unemployed and confirm if you are eligible for a loan. Luckily, it’s not essential for you to have an active business to obtain this kind of funding. If you agree on terms and receive a loan award, you can use the money to start a business.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

Don’t shy away from borrowing money from family and friends to start a business. It is a perfect way to get your business off the ground as it requires a minimal return on its investment.


Crowdfunding is among the newest funding methods for startups and continues to gain popularity. With this option, an entrepreneur develops a detailed description of the business, the amount of funding needed, and anticipated profits and shares on a crowdfunding platform. Members can then read through and give some money or make an online pledge if they like the idea. Crowdfunding is also a perfect way to market your products while securing financing.

Government Funding

Most government grants focus more on businesses that align themselves with the government policies, such as community business projects, charitable organizations, and Eco incentives. If you plan to operate in these sectors, you stand a better chance of obtaining these business grants and other funding programs from the government.

Loans From Traditional Banks

Most traditional banks offer small and medium enterprises financing through numerous programs, and some of these business loans are collateral-free. You can get two kinds of financing from a bank; funding and a working capital loan. With the funding option, you may need to share with the bank your business plan, alongside your valuation details and project report. They will evaluate them and inform you if you qualify for a loan.

Attract Angel Investment Into Your Startup

Angel investors are people with surplus cash seeking to invest in upcoming startups. Alongside capital, these investors also offer advice and mentorship. Thanks to angel investors, prominent companies such as Yahoo and Google have stood their ground and scaled their heights.

The best way to grow your business fast and tap various market opportunities is to secure additional capital from different sources.


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