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Game : On Bank Logos

Game to know the banks of India. Identify the Bank from their Logos

A Bank is a financial institution that borrows and lends money. It accepts deposits and grants loans to those who need funds. Banks play a vital role in maintaining the economic status of a country. They provide financial services like wealth management, safe deposits, currency exchange, locker system, etc.

In the Indian banking system, RBI is the apex body that acts as the leader of the banking system in the country. RBI regulates the money supply in the country and supervises and controls the banking and non-banking financial companies in India. Our article Reserve Bank of India talks about RBI in detail

You can check out Wikipedia article List of Banks in India for names of banks.

Click here to see the banks with their Logos.

Game to Identify the Bank from their Logo

Game to Match the Taglines to Bank Names

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