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Game: Identify the Monuments on the Indian Notes

Notes have two sides. Indian notes show the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the front & hence is called as Mahatma Gandhi series. The side which has the face of Mahatma Gandhi is called as Obverse and the other side is called as Reverse. The pictures on the back of Indian notes reflect our culture, our history, our progress.

Our article Monuments on The Indian Notes: Konark Temple, Manglayan Mission discusses it in detail.

Game to Identify the Monuments on the Indian Notes

In this game identify the name of the Monuments on the reverse of Indian Notes.

Choices are: Red Fort, Mangalyaan, Rani Ki Vav, Vittala Temple, Sanchi Stupa, Konark Temple

You can also answer the following questions, From our workbook on teaching children about Money.

  • Which state is Konark Temple in? ______________________
  • Konark Temple is which Indian Note? ______________________
  • Konark Temple is also called as? ______________________
  • Which state is Hampi in? ______________________
  • Vittala Temple of Hampi is in which Note? ______________________
  • Vittala Temple is dedicated to which God? ______________________
  • Red Fort is which city? ______________________
  • Who built Red Fort? ______________________
  • What happens on 15th August in Red Fort? ______________________
  • Who built Sanchi Stopa? ______________________
  • Which state is Sanchi Stopa in? ______________________
  • Which religion is associated with Sanchi Stopa? ______________________
  • What is purpose of Mangalyaan mission? ______________________
  • What is significance of Mangalyaan mission? ______________________
  • Which is the organization responsible of Mangalyaan mission? _________
  • What is depicted on Rs 100 Note?
  • Where is Rani ki Vaav located?

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