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Reason of rejection of EPF Withdrawal :  FATHER”S NAME OF MEMBER DIFFERS WITH CLAIM FORM. We assume that once we have provided the correct data, things would be fine and we don’t bother to check the details. For example our employer deducts the Provident Fund money and we check the payslip or UAN passbook. But in many cases when we try to transfer the EPF account or withdraw from the EPF account we come to know that either name is not correct, father name is not correct or missing or date of joining is not correct.  The process to correct EPF details are to submit the application through your employer. This article explains how you can rectify the EPF details , like how to Change or Correct EPF Details like Name,Father Name,Date of Birth,Date of Joining.

If you tried to link your Aadhaar with your UAN and were unable to do because of mismatch in Name, Date of Borth(DOB) or Gender in UAN data and Aadhaar data then you can use the new functionality provided in the UAN portal to update details. Article EPF UAN Correction: How to correct Name, Date of Birth, Gender Online in UAN as per Aadhaar explains in detail EPF UAN Correction on how to Correct Name, Date of Birth and Gender in your UAN Online as per Aadhaar if your Aadhaar is not linked with UAN.

UAN Details

When we join an organisation which offers EPF we have to fill Form 11. Form 11 is an important declaration form which enables the provident fund department to maintain records of employees,  helping them during inspections and cross checking of facts. It also provides invaluable information about an employee to an employer. Our article EPF Form 11 on Joining a New Job explains it in detail.  Personal Information that one enters in Form 11, is as follows

  • Date of Birth of employee
  • Father’s/Husband’s name
  • Gender
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Educational credentials
  • Marital status
  • Date of joining

The details that you enter, can be verified in your UAN passbook as shown in the image below or EPF passbook from the online portal of EPF services using your document number. This will help you to get over all details such as Date of Birth, Date of Joining and Name of employee name and EPFO office(SRO stands for Sub regional office) . This basic information will help you to check your account details.You can check your name, your Father/Husband Name, Date of Birth, Date of Joining.

Verify EPF Details in UAN passbook, Correct EPF Details

Verify EPF Details in UAN passbook

What problems can arise with in-Correct EPF details?

When I was filling my withdrawal form. The HR manager told me that there are some errors in my account. He cautioned me that if I don’t correct the name and date of birth error, the withdrawal may stuck. It was really very frustrating. Because of someone else fault I was feeling helpless.

You should not relax after you submit the required documents to your employer for EPF registration. It is important to check the status of submitted document and you should know whether the details are properly recorded or not. The probable reasons for rejection of an online claim form by the employer  is that member details do not match with establishment records.

  • Any wrong entry of  data or misspelled details in record during enrolment will cause rejection.
  • Date of joining is important to calculate number of years contributed to EPF, as we know that withdrawal in EPF after 5 years is tax free. It is also necessary for calculation of EPS pension.
  • If your nominee detail is not properly recorded or updated then it may give trouble during claim process. The nomination also should be updated when the member got married.

It is very important to have proper account details. It is better you check while you are working in organisation than when you leave the organisation.

EPFO office, EPFO Sub office and Regional PF Commissioner

Administratively, the EPFO organisation is divided into zones which are headed by an Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner. At present, there are 10 Zones across the country, given below.  EPFO is creating 21 zones in place of the existing 10 zones.  You can get information about EPFO Zonal office at EPFO website 

  • Delhi & Uttarakhand
  • Haryana & Rajasthan
  • Punjab & Himachal Pradesh
  • Bihar & Uttar Pradesh
  • Andhra Pradesh & Odisha
  • Karnataka & Goa
  • Tamil Nadu & Kerala
  • West Bengal & North- East Region
  • Maharashtra & Chhattisgarh
  • Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh

The states have either one or more than one Regional Offices headed by Regional Provident Fund Commissioners (RPFC) (Grade I) which are again sub- divided into Sub-Regions headed by Regional Provident Fund Commissioners (Grade II). To assist them are Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners looking after the enforcement of the Act and Schemes. Many districts in the country have smaller district offices where an Enforcement Officer is stationed to inspect the local establishments and attend to grievances. You can get link to regional PF sites at EPFO website . The following image shows the excerpt from Bangalore regional site from

EPF Regional PF Commissioner ,Change EPF Details.

EPF Regional PF Commissioner

The total manpower of the EPFO is at present more than 20000 including all levels. The Commissioner cadre numbering 815 are recruited directly, competitively, through the Union Public Service Commission of India as well as through promotion from lower ranks. Subordinate Officers (Enforcement Officers/Accounts Officers) are also recruited directly in addition to promotion from the staff cadre of social security assistants.

How to correct EPF details like Name,Father Name,Dates etc

Now You can transfer your  EPF account online. You can check your EPF balance online. You can even change mobile and email address online. But You cannot edit your  details i.e. father’s name, relationship, date of birth, date of joining, date of exit as available in the EPFO database onlineChanging the personal details in the EPF account should be done jointly by you and your employerThere is a prescribed format for this application. The sample form of the correction in EPF details is shown in image below. It is more of a letter than a document. Reference: EPF Circular on Correction of Name

EPF Change details form

EPF Change details form

In this form, you need to fill the address of the regional Pf commissioner, your name and company name. You have to also fill the correct particulars in the given column. Fill only those columns which need to be corrected. Leave all other column blank. Also, You need to submit document as  proof which has a correct name.The data that can be corrected are:

  • Name
  • Name of the father or the husband
  • PF or EPS account numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Date of joining organisation
  • Date of leaving organisation

Steps to Correct EPF Details

Step 1:  Employee prepares joint request letter or fills the form. Regional PF Commissioner to be filled by your employer. You can download the form for correction of EPF details  from here.

  • Fill only the information which has to be corrected.
  • Once the form is filled, you can mention the documents that you are going to provide as proof of the changes you are requesting for.
  • Sign the form

Step 2: Submit the letter/form to your employer along with any of the following supporting documents.  The supporting document can be any of the following:

  1. PAN Card
  2. Voters Identity Card
  3. Passport
  4. Driving License
  5. ESIC Identity card
  6. Aadhaar Card
  7. Bank Passbook copy/ Post office Passbook
  8. Ration Card
  9. Any School/ education related certificate
  10. Certificate issued by Registrar of Birth & Death
  11. Certificate based on the service records of the Central/ State Government Organisation
  12. Copy of Electricity/ Water/ telephone bill in the name of claimant
  13. Letter from a recognised public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the members to the satisfaction of the competent authority.

If you have changed your name due to some reasons, for example many woman change their names after marriage. Then one can submit as proof copy of gazette page copy in which your name change is printed.

Step 3: Employer fills the name of the authorised signatory on behalf of the company.  The authorised signatory will also have to sign the application form and affix the company seal on the form.

Step 4:Employer will submit the correct details to concerned Field office for changing it. After receiving completed information from your employer, the changes will take to update within 1 month(hopefully). Many a times you need to resubmit application.

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Please do check your EPF details. If they are not correct please get them corrected. Have you got EPF details corrected? How was the process? How long did it take?


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