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Multiple job changes may result in multiple UAN numbers. Each employer generates an Employee Member Id for contributing to employees EPF account and theoretically link it same UAN number. But one may end up with multiple UAN numbers. Now you can merge the different UAN numbers by logging in to UAN website and asking for the transfer of old UAN to new UAN. The process is similar to transferring a Member Id of the old employer to new employer.

How to Merge 2 UAN accounts

Ideally, an Employee who is an EPF member can have only one UAN and can have multiple member-IDs linked to it. But one may end up having multiple UAN in following cases.

  • On joining a new company, you have to inform your new employer about your existing UAN number. Your new employer will then open new member-ID and link this to your previous UAN. If you do not provide your existing UAN, a new UAN can be generated by your new company which results in duplicate UAN numbers being allotted.
  • When you leave your company, your employer has to furnish ‘the date of exit’ details in the ECR (Electronic Challan cum Return). If they do not provide this information in-time and meanwhile you join a new establishment, this can result in two UAN numbers being allotted to you

To use the facility employee must have activated their UAN to which they want to transfer and should have linked their Aadhaar, PAN, bank account details with IFSC code and verified PAN and Aadhaar.

  • Go to the EPFO UAN members’ portal and log in using your UAN and password. Use the UAN you want to transfer to.
  • Verify that all your details are populated in the UAN portal. No missing or incorrect information.
  • Verify that your KYC is approved.
  • Please check that your Bank Account Number, IFSC code is correct.
  • Click on Online Services->One Member One EPF (Transfer Request).

EPF Online Withdrawal/Transfer/Partial Withdrawal through UAN Online Services

EPF Online Withdrawal/Transfer/Partial Withdrawal through UAN Online Services

The window is shown below. Please read the instructions and Verify Personal Information and Details of UAN account into which transfer will be affected.

Merge 2 UAN transfer request

Merge 2 UAN transfer request

  • Enter the details of previous accounts which has to be transferred. You should enter the UAN you want it to be transferred it.
For PF Online transfer select the details of account to be transferred

For PF Online transfer select the details of account to be transferred

  • The Employee has to get his claim attested by the current or the previous employer.
  • A PIN will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Submit the claim form to the selected employer.
  • The employer should approve the request.
  • You can check the status of your EPF transfer claim by clicking on Online Services->Track Claim Status. You will also receive regular updates.
  • You can also check your claim status by going to EPF website>Our services->For Employee. Selecting Know Your Claim Status. Enter the UAN and the Captcha.
  • After submitting the form within 2-3 weeks your UAN account will be transferred.
  • After the successful claim, UAN passbook of the old and new employer will reflect the transfer as shown here.
  • There is no information about EPS transfer available. Your EPS pension is dependant on the number of years you contributed to EPS. So View->Service Details on UAN site is sufficient but you can get Annexure K for your own record by raising EPF grievance.
  • Our article What happens to EPS when you transfer your old EPF to a new employer explains it in detail.

Note: Govt has said that transfer would be done automatically if you have EPF account with unexempted EPFO and you submit your UAN to the new employer but so far we have not heard of automatic transfer. If you come to know about it please do share with us.

The image below shows the claim eligibility check and submission form flow diagram.

The flow for EPF transfer on changing jobs and claim

EPF Online Claim and Eligibility flow

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