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List of Articles About Loans, Debt, Credit Cards, CIBIL Report

Urban Indian seems to be living a life of debt –  Education loan, auto loan, multiple credit cards, a home loan. The word credit,loans, EMI is integrated with his life. Gen X,Y or Z is so different from those of their parents as explained in Parents & Us:Changes in the Way We Earn,Spend,Invest. Do you understand What is Loan? What is EMI or Equated Monthly Installment, Features of EMI, how is EMI calculated? These days sanctioning of the loan, at what interest rate loan will be made available is determined by the credit score of the applicant. So it has become critical to monitor your score to ensure that your loan does not get rejected on the grounds of a poor credit score.  Do you know what is credit history? credit score? How to find it.

Credit cards have made a life for shoppers simpler. Carrying cash can be cumbersome and dangerous at times. These cards can be swiped at almost any establishment. You can also withdraw cash on your credit card but Credit cards aren’t free. As Spiderman said “With great power comes great responsibility”  if you overuse them, don’t pay your credit cards bills on time they’re also the biggest deterrent to reaching your financial goals. These credit cards have various charges,  fees associated with them and if not used judiciously can lead one to debt trap. However, To avoid this you need to have an understanding of how credit cards really work and how they can work in your favour.

List of Articles for About Loans, Debt, Credit Cards, CIBIL Report


Often I have come across the first time earners who have spent their salary in the first ten days,take loans at times spending only to look cool.  Following articles help you to understand more about the loans and debt.

Credit Cards

When used wisely, credit cards are a boon – an alternative of carrying cash, days of grace period, rewards, discounts.They can be the cornerstone of a sound financial strategy. But credit cards can also be a slippery slope, if caught in minimum payment trap, and you’ll tumble into the abyss of credit card debt hell, a mounting spiral of missed payments, fees, high APRs, and rate increases that will take years to recover from



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