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Of all the subjects we are forced to study in school, people seem to reserve their bitterest revulsion for maths. A recent unofficial survey revealed that around 70% of the worlds schoolchildren claimed to “hate maths”. A quick search on google shows various groups dedicated to anti-maths sentiment. What is it about this subject that invokes such terror, fear and intimidation in people around the world?
I hate maths
chetan bhagat three mistakes of my life
Even Chetan Bhagat’s Three Mistakes of My Life has conversation dedicated to  hatred for maths (pg 45)

“Actually I don’t like maths  much.”
“Hm mm,” I said and tried to be like a thoughtful professor, U don’t like it much or you don’t understand a few things and so you don’t like it yet?“Maths can be fun you know?
‘Fun?’ she said with a disgusted expression.
She sat up straight and shook her head ‘Let me make myself clear. I positively hate maths. For me it occupies a place right there with cockroaches and lizards. I get disgusted, nauseated and depressed by it. Between an electric shock or a maths test, I will choose the former. I heard some people have to walk two miles to get water in Rajasthan. I would trade my maths problems for that walk, everyday. Maths is the worst thing ever invented by man. What were they thinking.? language is too easy, so let’s ,make up some creepy symbols and manipulate them to haunt every generations of kids. Who cares is sin theta is different from cos theta? What wants to know the expansion of the sum of cubes?’

‘Wow that’s some reaction,’I say, my mouth still open.’
And fun? If maths is fun, then getting a tooth extraction is fun. A viral infection is fun. Rabies shots are fun’
‘I think you are approaching it a wrong way.’
‘Oh ho ho,don’t go there. I am not just approaching it. I have lived compromised, struggled with it. It is a troubled relationship that we have shared for years. From classes one to twelve, this subject does not go away, People have nightmares about monsters . I have nightmares about surprise maths tests. I know you scored a hundred and you are in love with it. But remember, in most parts of world maths means only one thing to students’
maths hate statements

why mathsMath at times is the bane of one’s existence, the thorn in heel, and the frustration that keeps one awakes at night. Or, it may simply be that pestering little course one must take in order to graduate from high school and complete college degree. People have a love-hate relationship with math, a favorite school subject for some but just a bad memory for many others, especially women. A quarter of adults said maths used to make them wake up in a cold sweat, with PE, French and physics close behind. Few reasons why people hate Maths:

  • Same reason a lot of people hate spinach or vegetable. They’ve been forced to have it because, they are told, “it’s good for you”, but they can neither see nor perceive those benefits, and it is being served by mostly uninspired cooks who don’t much care for its taste either.
  • In math, there is a definitive answer Your answer is either right or wrong. You will never be caught in the subjective world wondering why. If you make one mistake in your calculations, even if you do everything else right, the problem is, you guessed it, WRONG! You have to be precise with Math and this is a problem for unorganized people like myself. Said one “Honestly? Because I can’t bullshit my way through a math class like I can other classes”
  •  I think a lot of people who might enjoy it are put off because the introduction is arithmetic, one of the most boring bits of maths, albeit very useful in everyday life. If you went to a restaurant and the only starter was dry toast, would you go in, even if the other coursed were marvelous? But that is the way maths is taught.
  • There is also a kind of stigma attached to maths – the argument that ”logic” is pitted against creativity, the left side of the brain versus the right, mathematically capable as opposed to musically or artistically gifted. Of course, this argument does not stand up when one considers the level of maths used in painting – Renaissance artists used precise calculations to work out perspective and proportions in their work. Architecture, sculpture and design are all artistic areas highly dependant on numbers and logic. Indeed, music too has long been associated with maths. Greek philosopher Pythagoras is quoted as sayingThere is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres”. The famous mathematician Gottfried Leibniz once said “Music is the pleasure the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting”.
Grade 3 vs grade 10


Note that the same may be said about reading. A lot of people hate reading; the idea of reading a book for fun, or in order to learn  something, is a terrible chore to be avoided if possible. And even those who may enjoy some reading will often recoil at the idea of reading Dickens, Tolstoi, Jane Austen, Cervantes, or Milton; let us  not even consider Shakespeare which,  was not meant to be read  but rather seen performed.

What is Math? math isn’t just about counting and crunching numbers. It  isn’t about arithmetic or memorizing formulas. It’s about problem-solving, deducing truth, and exploring the concepts of change, quantity and structure. It’s about exploring the properties of shapes,patterns, logic, algorithms, programs, and the relationships between all of these things. It’s about finding elegant and beautiful connections that naturally exist both in the real world and in the perfect mathematical one. It’s full ofpuzzles and mysteries. And it’s—no joke—full of really fun stuff! The astronomer Galileo Galilei observed in 1623 that the entire universe “is written in the language of mathematics“. Math relates to music, art, architecture, business, science, and even philosophy.

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.  ~S. Gudder

How much maths do we need for our daily lives..not much actually thanks to technology. Shopkeepers have calculators , malls give computerized bills, our mobiles also have calculators.  For investing purposes little bit of Percentage, Interest-Simple and Compound and Basic arithmetic.  There are calculators on net for everything and excel to help one out. But yet we find people especially women saying that as they are scared of numbers, hate maths, they are interested in money, finance.  Need to write another post on Why Maths is fun and Maths for investment.

Do you hate  maths? Why do so many people hate math? What are your experiences with learning math? Does math scare you to take financial control of your life.



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