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We live in times of TOO much information including Financial Information, from TV, Newspapers,Magazines,Facebook, Twitter,Internet yet there is still a gap, something missing. Most of times the information is full of jargons, too short, without pictures or examples. And for financial Information that’s where Personal Finance Blogs come in. Personal finance blogs make complex finance terms so easy to deal with, right from How To do a certain thing ex Fill Form 15G/15H , how to fill Income Tax Return, to what does a particular finance term mean or breaking the complex finance terms into layman’s language.  The jargon free articles written by these Personal Finance Blog in India makes it easier to take understand complex financial terms for readers in India. We believe in the power of financial education, and love when people use their knowledge to help others. There are many personal finance blogs, Here are the top personal finance blogs in India.

Personal Finance Blogs in India :Ordering Methodology

There are many Personal Finance Blogs in India to help Indians through personal finance maze. Though our aim is not to rank them but just to have an order we have used Alexa India ranking, on 7 May 2016. We have also provided their Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers, topics that each site covers, how often they post. (a subsidiary of that basically audits and makes public the frequency of visits on various Web sites. Alexa a website that provides ranking on various websites, based on estimate of the traffic received on the website every day, thus judging how a website is performing in comparison to other websites all over the world and is also country-specific. The worldwide rank shows the site popularity in the world while Alexa country rank shows the popularity in that particular country. Alexa rank is updated on a daily basis. LOWER the Alexa rating, HIGHER is the popularity.

Top Personal Finance Blogs in India

  • is focused on all types and categories on Taxes.  On you will find latest News on any and all taxes which includes recent Circular, Notification, Amendments, and Case Laws . These include Amendments in Income Tax, Wealth Tax, MVAT, DVAT, PVAT, Company Law, Service Tax, ICAI Regulation, FEMA, RBI, Custom Duty, Excise, DGFT, SEZ, ICSI Regulation, CMA Regulation, Labour laws, Corporate Law , Goods and Service Tax.
  • They also provide various tools and forms related to the tax laws in excel and word format.
  • Set up in Feb 2008.
  • This portal is generally useful for finance professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Tax Professional, Cost Accountants and other Account Professional.
  • Launched in 2008 by CA Sandeep Kanoi, Being a Chartered Accountant  he possesses practical knowledge which is reflected on the website. There are also other sub-authors.
  • Articles are posted daily.
  • Alexa Global Rank Alexa India in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
    8287 610 23216 11900

  • is an online community for CA’s and CA Students wherein members interact and help each other by sharing their knowledge. Users contribute articles, post queries, resources, jobs etc and keep the community informed about the latest trends in the CA Community.
  • It also talks about personal finance and taxation for common man.
  • Frequency: Once a week.
  • Set up in 2011.
  • Chartered Club was officially started by Karan Batra who is All India Rank 22 in CA Exams.
Alexa Global Rank Alexa India Rank Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
13359 1152 369000 15800

  • covers various articles on stock markets, corporate and business news and mutual funds. It also has a classroom session to help the investors. It also provides great articles on personal finance ranging from investment, taxes, PPF and banking.
  • The best part about this website is it provides information in various languages like English, Hindi, Tamil ,Telugu and Malyalam.
  •  is one of the many channels of It was launched in 2010 and was formerly called One India Money.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
13798 1260 6828 3457

  • covers wide array of personal finance topics like home loans,insurance,tax planning,mutual funds,banking services,stock markets,gold etc.
  • Frequency of articles is usually once a week.
  • Set up in Nov 2014.
  • is run by Sreekanth who is a Certified Financial Planner. He is providing Financial Counseling, Property Consultancy and Tax Planning Services through his firm ReLakhs Financial Services, Bangalore since 2009.  He believes in Becoming WEALTHY is not a matter of how much you EARN, it is a matter of MANAGING your money PROPERLY.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
34098 2646 5131 296

  • simplifies the concepts related to filling income tax form, about EPF,PPF, Credit debt, loan, Investing avenues,Fill Form 15G etc.
  • Frequency : 1-2 a week
  • Set up in Mar 2011.
  • Started in 2011, it is run by Kirti, a women-software engineer from Bangalore, facing problems of EPF not transferred, income tax notice. On her way to and from the office, she spent time reading and writing about writing book on money for her children. Once that was done she started writing about the money problems and questions she faced and is still facing!

  • covers tax saving,tax planning, stock and mutual fund investing, insurance and provident fund . It has some good financial calculators like PPF Maturity Amount ,EPF Contribution Calculator,Pension Calculator, NSC Interest Calculator.
  • It has 2-3 posts weekly
  • PlanMoneyTax is run Chandrakant Mishra, who says a PlanMoneyTax is Blog that helps YOU to lead a more fulfilling life. Earn More, Save More and Enjoy More.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
34,972 2869 1623 343
Top Personal Finance Blogs in India-Simplifying the Financial Jargon

Top Personal Finance Blogs in India-Simplifying the Financial Jargon

  • covers  topics in simple language such as personal finance, insurance,mutual funds,credit cards,EPF account .
  • Frequency of articles: once a week.
  • Set up in Jan 2009.
  • Started in 2008, is run by Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai. Manish is an engineer who has worked at Yahoo, but now is a financial coach who conducts workshops. They operate from Pune. Nandish Desai is an author and a financial coach.  They have also started Jagoinvestor School where you work on your financial life and learn personal finance.They have also started Jagoinvestor School where you work on your financial life and learn personal finance.
  • Manish has also authored books with Network18 Publications Limited :  Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money ,16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know while Nandish has authored 11 Principles to Achieve Financial Freedom: Master Your Financial Life 3
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
41626 3712 5715

  • is mainly focused on Taxation and their applications and amendments in Tax.
  • Typically 3-4 posts a week
  • Started in Nov 2011.
  • Admin is Raja Babu. As their website says “It is run by Team of energetic Tax professionals & TaxPayers,having positive approach to provide problem solution & to share our experiences and Knowledge in the field of Income tax ,Service Tax Excise and other Financial Matters”
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
51726 3943 39331 676

  • covers various aspects of Personal finance like investment, insurance, banking, mutual fund, EPF, PPF & tax planning.
  • Frequency: Once or Twice a week.
  • is run by Basavaraj Tonagatti, is a Certified Financial Planner from Bangalore.  About his blog he says “It is an initiative started with the aim of educating each individual in dealing their financial life, making aware about mis-selling which may come into your life at any time through any means.”
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
41471 4281 2794 512

  • is a blog about personal finance, investment, financial planning, insurance, real estate, stock market and other financial products which will will help others make better financial decisions about their money.
  • Frequency: 2-3 articles per week.
  • It is run by Raviraj Prakash & Shitanshu Kapadia. Raviraj is a finance graduate with experience in the field of Insurance and Finance,while Shitanshu is an engineer but crazy for finance and economics.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
48524 4428 1421 44

  • covers all personal finance topics such as Mutual Funds, Insurance, tax,business ideas,Reviews the upcoming IPO,
  • Frequency 2-4 articles a week.
  • Set up in Jun 2012
  •, started in 2011, is run by Suresh KP from Hyderabad. He has 15 years+ experience in the field of financial planning. He feels that his opinion about various investment options should not be limited to friends and family. There is a possibility that the entire nation might benefit from His Investment Ideas.. thus the name!
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
56835 5397 16666 158

  •  covers real estate in detail and also covers insurance, Business,startup, and articles on How to have great financial life.
  • Frequency: 1-2 articles a week
  • is run by Nitin Bhatia. He writes in newspapers and appears on TV channels. He also provides paid consultation/Advisory services
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers Traffic for March-April
60815 7936 1651 176 150000

  • is blog on Personal Financial Planning, Investments, Retirement Planning, Insurance, Loans, Fixed Deposits, Provident Funds, Stock Markets, Gold, Silver, Real Estate Investment, Credit Cards, Credit Score, Taxation, Inheritance Planning and Reviews on various Financial Products.
  • Frequency of articles Once a week
  • Setup in Jul 2011.
  • is run by Amit Kumar, who is an MBA from National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers Traffic for March-April
73976 8081 1975 233 160000

  • is a blog about personal finance, tax free bonds technology and economics.
  • Frequency: once in 15 days but increases whenever there are tax free bonds.
  • Set up in Nov 2005
  • It is run by Manshu and Shiv Kukreja.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
88161 9366 1996 1328

  • has open-source, comprehensive Excel tools, analysis and unbiased, commentary on different aspects of personal finance, DIY investing and money management. You can watch videos of the workshops that he held in Chennai,Bangalore, Hyderabad. These workshops were conducted by Uma Shashikant, PV Subramaniam(of blog Subramoney), Ashal Jauhari (Asan Ideas for Wealth)
  • Frequency: 3-4 articles a week
  • is run by M. Pattabiraman aka pattu is physicist working at IIT, Madras.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
95262 11457 2121 1321

  • is the blog if you want to know about Capital Markets, Macroeconomics or Trading. It provides New Age Financial Analytics. All concepts explained with charts.
  • Frequency of articles: Atleast one a day.
  • Setup in Jan 2010.
  • Deepak Shenoy is the founder and chief editor. Deepak has impeccable experience in stock markets, derivatives and system based algorithmic trading. Deepak has extensively written for various publications, including Yahoo, Pragati, JetLite and Business Standard and appeared on TV too.
Global Rank Rank in India Facebook Likes Twitter Followers
103363 12716 2696 5918

There are many blogs which are beyond the number games which we wanted to cover.

Run by P V Subramanyam, a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a financial trainer by profession. who believes in simple life, simple ideas and discipline. He has 1000+ articles on personal finance and he writes about his experience.  He writes personal finance related columns in magazines. He has also authored a book : Retire Rich Invest Rs. 40 a day.

Asan Ideas for Wealth : A Facebook Group

Run by Ashal Jauhari, Asan Ideas for Wealth,is a facebook group having more than 10,000 members. It was first a blog with the same name in 2008-2009 and later on in 2011,Ashal started the facebook group . He answered more than 1000 questions on Jago Investor forum helping hundreds of investors.

MakeKnowledgeFree :A YouTube channel

Run by Amlan Dutta with a noble intent to make every common person educated of certain important things that concern everyone. You can find videos on many things especially filing Income tax return.

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We have tried to give an overview of the blogs which we personally flow. If we have missed something, or information is not correct, do let us know through comments and we shall update. How do you get your personal finance information? What do you want from these personal finance blogs?


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