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The Internet is full of resources to find everything including stocks. We are going to discuss a few such websites for Indian stock market investors which provide market info, technical charts, Public offers, OFS, IPOs, Domestic and foreign investors, etc. Also, screener to filter stocks.

NSE India


This is the official website of the National stock exchange (NSE). You will find information about the companies, domestic(DII) and foreign investors(FII), IPOs, new listings,daily updates of bulk and block deals on NSE. The information provided on this website is consistently updated and accurate. You will find the companies financial reports as Companies have to submit their financial reports to the exchanges.

You will find charts, historical data about companies. NSE India also provides courses and certifications and you can also read the website.

BSE India


BSE India is the website of the Bombay stock exchange (BSE). This website is similar to NSE India in terms of most pieces of information

Video on how to use NSE website

Money Control


Moneycontrol is one of the most popular websites for Indian stocks. Money control also offers an app on mobile platforms- Android, IOS. It has a simple user interface and good navigation features

On you can find information like market news and Latest Market Data such as trends, charts, livestock prices, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, personal finance, IPOs etc.

For a company, you can find the fundamental data of any company and technical indicators (candlesticks charts, indicators).

Moneycontrol website also provides a platform to track your investments and to create your own wish list.

It also has a discussion forum but you would find random links to promotional sites, random buy/sell calls and so on.

Latest Market Data:

  • All-day coverage of latest market, business and economy news; plus interviews of senior management
  • Latest quotes of stocks, F&O, mutual funds, commodities and currencies from BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX
  • Latest prices of Sensex, NIFTY, India VIX and more
  • In-depth market stats for stocks, futures and options
  • Interactive and historical charts like Line, Area, Candlestick and OHLC



Many investors have an investment idea but finding it challenging to find the right stocks. A stock screener allows you to filter between stocks in order to find the most interesting stock opportunities. You can set specific criteria which the stock has to fulfill. Examples of questions : What are the stocks trading at a discount to sector PE/PS multiples

The screener is a very simple yet powerful website for stock screening. Most of the features on Screener are absolutely free.  The query builder of Screener allows the user to apply a number of filters to shortlist stocks based on PE ratio, market capitalization, book value, ROE, profit, sales etc.

Screener also gives fundamental analysis of a company such as financial statements, financial ratios, charts, analysis, peers/competitors, quarterly results, annual results, profit & loss statements, balance sheet, cash flows, etc.

The best part is the customized financial reports which are created in such a manner that only useful information is shown. No clutters! The financial statements of a company are very long, however, the screener simplifies the financials in small useful chunks. Anyone can easily read the annual reports, balance sheet, etc on this website because of the user-friendly display of the data.


On In.Investing you can do both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, information available is news and analysis, financials, technicals, forums, etc.

There are tools available on this website for free like Stock screener with number of filters such as ratios, price, volume & volatility, fundamentals, dividends and technical indicators.

You can select the industry which you want to research about and then apply a number of filters like PE, P/Book value, ROCE etc for shortlisting the best stock in that industry.

Websites for Financial News

  1. ET Market
  2. LiveMint
  3. Bloomberg Quint

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