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I  have forgotten my UAN Password , my mobile number has changed, What do I do now? On trying to Activate UAN I get message Mismatch in UAN and Member ID. What does it mean? My DOB in UAN is wrong. What should I do?

How to solve Common UAN problems?

Earlier EPF website had UAN HelpDesk to help one with Common UAN Related problems. Since Feb-Mar 2018 UAN Helpdesk does not exist on EPF website as EPFO has provided other ways to update the information.

Typical problems that one could report at UAN helpdesk are given below.

UAN Helpdesk for problems like UAN password,mobile number

UAN Helpdesk for problems like UAN password,mobile number

What is my UAN

Know Your UAN status if you know your Member Id,PAN or Aadhaar  explains the process in detail.

  • Go the UAN Portal 
  • Click on the button ‘Know your UAN Status’
  • Select whether you want to enter PF number or Member Id or PAN or Aadhaar.
  • If you Select  Member Id then you have to choose State and Office and enter your Member Id.(You can get the PF number/member ID from your salary slip. )
  • Enter other details such as name, date of birth, mobile no, captcha code.
  • Click on ‘Get Authorization Pin’.
  • You will receive a PIN on your mobile number. Enter the PIN and click on ‘Validate OTP and get UAN’ button.
  • You will see a message that Your UAN number and status will be sent to your mobile number.

Forgot Password and Mobile No is changed

 UAN gives the facility of changing the mobile number if you have forgotten the password and your mobile number has changed without going through UAN Helpdesk. Our article Change Mobile Number in UAN if forgotten Password and Mobile Number Changed talks about it in detail. This works only if Your Name, Date of Birth and Gender matches.

Incorrect Details in UAN

If you tried to link your Aadhaar with your UAN and were unable to do because of mismatch in Name, Date of Borth(DOB) or Gender in UAN data and Aadhaar data then you can use the new functionality provided in the UAN portal to update details. Article EPF UAN Correction: How to correct Name, Date of Birth, Gender Online in UAN as per Aadhaar explains in detail EPF UAN Correction on how to Correct Name, Date of Birth and Gender in your UAN Online as per Aadhaar.

EPF Passbook problem

To see the EPF UAN passbook now you would have to go to  >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook and login with your UAN website details. If you work in organization that has exempted trust like Infosys, Wipro etc then your EPF passbook will not be at EPF website. You need to contact your employer.

The article How to view EPF UAN Passbook? explains how to see the EPF UAN passbook, how to save the EPF UAN passbook.

Details not matching during UAN activation

Please contact your employer to find the details.

Claim Status [ PF, Transfer, PENSION, Etc]

Go to EPFO website ,Click on Our Services->Employees, select Know Your Claim Status.

Enter your UAN & Captcha and hit Enter. you will see PF Account list which associated with the specific UAN.

If you click on the link from where you have transferred the account, in our case BGB002000000000003, you would see your transfer details.

Claim details for PF account from which EPF was transferred

Form-11, Pending UAN/Linking, Pending with employer

KYC pending with the employer

Please contact your employer.

EPF Grievance

When everything fails or even after going through above methods you need more clarification, Raise EPF grievance. 

Article How to register EPF complaint at EPF Grievance website online  explains it in detail

New Unified Portal of EPFO was launched on 28 Dec 2016.  Our article New UAN Unified Portal for Employees walks through the new UAN Unified Portal for Employees in detail with images. One can log-in to download passbook, UAN Card, Update KYC. Now UAN gives the facility of changing mobile number if you have forgotten password and your mobile number has changed without going through UAN Helpdesk. Our article Change Mobile Number in UAN if forgotten Password and Mobile Number Changed talks about it detail. Links of new UAN webpages are given below:

Overview of  UAN

  • The UAN is a 12-digit number allotted to each Employee Provident Fund member  by the Employee Provident Fund  Organization(EPFO) which gives him control of his EPF account and minimises the role of employer.
  • Member Id or Member Identification Numbers is the number given by EPFO to allow the employer to submit EPF money of employee. If one changes the job, employer changes, hence Member ID change. Member ID or PF Account Number is in the format given below. PF Account Number may not have Extension code. EPFO Office Code/Establishment Code(Max. 7 Digits)/Extension(Max. 3 digits)/Account Number (Max 7 digit) Ex:BG/BNG/012345//789.
  • An employee will have one UAN or Universal Account number, which as the name implies will remain the same. It will maintain all your Member Ids.  Its like you can have multiple Saving Bank account but all these are tied to your one Permanent Account Number or PAN. So when you change your job and the new employer, if contributing to EPF, gives you a new Member ID. This new Member ID has to be linked to your UAN number.
  • Once you receive the Universal account number or UAN from your employer, you have to log on to the official website Click on Activate UAN Based Registration and enter your UAN, mobile number and member ID. Our article UAN or Universal Account Number and Registration of UAN explains the process in detail.
  • Advantages of Registering with UAN are that once you login at the UAN portal,, you can:
    • You can Download Passbook/UAN Card,
    • You can List Previous Member ID/View Linking Status,
    • You can File Transfer Claim/View Transfer Claim Status/System Generated Transfer Claim Status,
    •  You can Edit Mobile Number/Edit Email ID/Update KYC Information/Change Password/Edit Personal Details,

UAN HelpDesk: Not operational in 2018

Employee Provident Fund  Organization, EPFO has updated  it’s website There is a the Hindi website of EPFO also which one can access. Now EPFO  had UAN HelpDesk to help one with Common UAN Related problems. However, the UAN HelpDesk is not fully functional but it works.

  • What is my UAN?
  • Forgot Password and Mobile No is Changed
  • Incorrect Details – Name/Father Name/DOB/DOJ etc
  • Passbook problem
  • SMS Not received during UAN Activation
  • Details Not matching During UAN Activation
  • Claim Status (PF,Transfer,Pension)
  • Form 11 Pending/UAN linking with Pending with Employer.

Does UAN HelpDesk work?

We submitted three genuine requests, given below. We received response to the one request the same day.

1. Transfer of EPS on Transfer of EPF from one company to another :One of us had transferred the EPF from earlier company to new company. While EPF withdrawal was done there was no information about EPS withdrawal.

We had asked about EPS transfer and the response we got the same day after submitting our request was as follows

 Dear Member, Your UAN Helpdesk Reference ID 15088888 has been closed with closing Remarks


 2. Change of Name : Name in UAN was not correct.

3. Not able to link UAN allotted by previous employer

In the Our Services section there is a link for Employees which shows the various services that EPFO offers for Employees as shown in image below.  UAN HelpDesk can also be accessed from EPFO page on UAN

Employee services of EPF

Employee services of EPF

On Clicking UAN HelpDesk it takes you to screen shown below, which shows the UAN Toll free number  18001-18005, Best viewed in Chrome Browser.

UAN Helpdesk

UAN Helpdesk

On Clicking on Click here to Register as Member one sees the screen as shown in image bel0w

UAN Helpdesk for problems like UAN password,mobile number

UAN Helpdesk for problems like UAN password,mobile number

You can select any problem , say Forgot Password and Mobile No is Changed,  the screen shown is below

UAN Forgot Password Mobile Number

UAN Forgot Password Mobile Number

The screen for incorrect details such as Name, Father’s Name or Date of Birth(DOB)  is as follows

EPF incorrect details Fathers name DOB

UAN incorrect details Fathers name DOB

Fill in the appropriate details such as your name, father’s name, date of birth PF member ID, mobile number and your problem. Click on Generate OTP(One Time Password). If you get error once ex XML http etc ignore it and try again. The OTP would be sent to your mobile number.  For me it came within minutes.

Fill in the OTP  in and Verify the OTP.

UAN Helpdesk verify OTP

UAN Helpdesk verify OTP

After verification , submit the Form. The reference number is generated as shown below. The reference number is also sent to the mobile number.

UAN Helpdesk after submission of UAN password changed Mobile

UAN Helpdesk after submission of UAN password changed Mobile

The offline mode for UAN  & EPF  problems

The current method that exists for UAN and EPF Problems is to submit application through the employer to EPFO office. Excerpts from the FAQ for Employers (pdf). Another Useful document is FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Members(Pdf)

Q.13 What is the method to correct the member’s details if appearing wrongly on UAN generated?

For any change/correction in the member’s details, member has to apply first for the same through employer only along with supporting documents. Afterwards, employer has to contact the concerned EPFO Field Office for change in member’s details alongwith supporting documents.

Q.30 What is the procedure for correction in Name in EPFO Database?

EPFO has made a provision for change the name of EPF members in the application software.Members who wish to get their name to be changed inthe EPF Database can apply for the same through their employer to the concerned local EPFO office alongwithsupporting documents. In this regard a circular hasalready been issued to thefield offices mentioning the supporting documents and the processflow.

Q.32 Whether the present employer is allowed to link the previous member id based on the information furnished by the member through form 11 even if there is difference in date of birth or even if the details with previous employer is in-complete or there is mismatch?.

The validation of date of birth has been kept to ensure that the linking with UAN takes place for the correct member only. Any dilution in this validation might lead to linking of wrong member ids.

Q.33 Whether the member can correct his date of birth or to furnish the missing information of previous employment particulars through the present employer.

No, the correction in date of birth in the previous employment can be made through the previous employer only

How can I seek the help for any queries related to UAN  portal?

For queries related to Employer UAN services, you may contact:

  • Helpdesk Number : 18001-18005
  • Helpdesk Email Id :

Related Articles:

EPF: FAQ for Employers (pdf)  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Members(Pdf)

Please share your experience of using the UAN HelpDesk for resetting password or corrections of details erc.. We will also update our experience. It will help to others. Have you used the offline mode to correct the UAN or EPF details. If yes please do share the experience.



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