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This page is a collection of videos related to money mostly on Youtube. You will find animation videos  (magic of compounding, what is credit card), advertisements related to money, short movies related to money. It is work in progress. We have started it and hope  to grow it  with your inputs. So if you come across any good videos on money let us know by leaving a comment in this page .we shall be glad to add it to the page.

Enjoy these, watch it with your kids, family, share it with your friends!


Moneyworks4me The Magic of Compound Interest – Learn how it multiplies your Money ( 7:26 min) : Watch this FREE Video to Learn what Compound Interest is and how Compounding multiplies your investments much faster in long run. : It shows through classic case of chess and grains.

Iken Edu The Measure of Money (17:28 min) JC is in the museum of money looking at various artefacts depicting the evolution of money. He wants to know more and so switches on his gizmo. Notey, a tem rupee note from his pocket, comes to life before him and explains the history or money including the barter system, the earliest forms of money and the symbolic form of money. JC then goes home and counts the money in his piggy bank. Here, Notey teaches him how to convert rupees to paise and vice-versa.

How To Withdraw Money From ATM (1:23 min): Its the convenience that matters.ATM centres not only makes your transaction faster but also helps you to avoid keeping cash in your wallet all

What is a credit card  (3:15 min) : Animation dealing with credit cards and problems you can avoid when using them.

Credit Card Debt Explained With a Glass of Water    (3 : 25 min)uses a pitcher and a glass of water demonstrate the effects of minimum credit card payments. This video uses a simple analogy to describe how the average American is throwing away their money to the credit card companies.

Consumer Credit and Debt: Co-Signing a Loan (4:46 min) : Robert agrees to co-sign a loan for his new love. Animation discusses the risk and responsibility of co-signing a loan.


ING Vyasa Mere Desh Mein Paisa Sirf Paisa Nahin Hain : A point of view on the Indian culture of money. The films showcases the richness of Indian culture and the various meanings it attaches to money.

Kotak Mahindra Indian Ads: (2011) – Money ka Matlab – Nun  ,Kotak Mahindra Indian Ad (2011) – Money ka Matlab – Pet Vacation ,Kotak Mahindra Indian Ad (2011) – Money ka Matlab – Punter : These ads talk about what money means to them


One Idiot – An IDFC Foundation Initiative (33:08 min) :Created in collaboration with Amole Gupte, this movie is the story of the “Idiot”, Bugs. Bugs, in the movie, is the affable, run-of-the-mill neighborhood “uncle ji” who, by the looks of it, does nothing in life and lives a frugal life. Wearing rubber chappals and debating with the vegetable vendor on the price of grocery, he is the laughing stock of the teenagers, as well as most other residents in the building. Through the movie, however, slowly, the real worth of this “Idiot” emerges, and the teenagers realise that they can, indeed, learn a lot from this multi-millionaire.

IDFC MF Bachat Nivesh Badhat (13:08 min):Kharchalal loves to spend money and enjoy its fruits. His motto: Live Life King Size. Bachatram is a believer in the virtue of saving. For him, a penny saved is a penny earned! Who is right and who is wrong?


The Money Class with Suze Orman teaching you and your kids about money (10:46 min)

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Did you check out any videos? Which video did you like? Which you didn’t? if you come across any good videos on money let us know by leaving a comment in this page .We shall be glad to add it to the page.


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